A “flurry” of activity

wm opossumwm cardinal on arch

When you are out in the middle of a snowstorm, you will notice that the animals come out like you’ve never seen them before. They are feeding, walking across the snow, finding shelter. There is truly a “flurry” of activity, literally and figuratively!  I love to be out in the snow. Continue reading

Be in the Moment

hum grass blade4sparrow in hostas2

Last summer I visited my best friend in Wisconsin during the middle of the drought.  Both of us are nature photographers, and we love hummingbirds.   We went many places for photographs, but the best stuff was in her back yard! When she turned on her sprinkler to water the parched plants, the birds came from the trees and started dancing inside the plants!   Continue reading

Mystical Union

door county sunset

As a photographer, I have found it hard to delete my pictures! Even the ones that don’t turn out so well. Each of those pictures represent a memory. And when you are outside, the light changes quickly and each picture is unique.

This brings to mind an experience I had in Door County a few summers ago. My husband and I went to the east side, which we had not explored before. Our hotel was close to a woodcarver’s shop.  The town was very small, so his shop was pretty noticeable, especially since it was closed and had a sign: “Gone sailing!” I laughed at the sign, and  I could already tell the owner was a free spirit, somebody I wanted to meet. Continue reading