Camouflaging and Funny Hiding

camouflaged blubird copy frog copy

Sometimes animals camouflage themselves so well, you cannot see them. It makes you wonder, do they know they’re blending into their environment and hiding in plain sight?All the research I have read says no.  As they evolve over time, their colors change to resemble their surroundings.   When humans change their environment by chopping down their habitat, they are suddenly all in plain sight. Needing to find a new habitat is crucial to their survival. This happens all the time of course. And it’s why we have skunks and racoons in our back yard! I’m not so happy when I see them in my yard. But I know it’s not their fault.

Hiding in plain sight is a skill the animals develop. And sometimes it’s very subtle, and sometimes it’s not! The picture of the bluejay below really makes me laugh. He was crouching, so as not be seen. But who could ignore those brilliant colors he wears! The female ruby throated hummingbird on the other hand, could have been ignored. She was so small and blending in to all the green around her.

crouching copybig flower little hummer copy

It has been on my list to get a pair of binoculars.  I know I would find so many more things.  But the more I photograph, I have learned to look for animals and plants that will be out during certain times of the year. And experience has taught me where to find them. My eyes and my brain have developed a certain way, to be able to spot them. Even if they elude my camera! Which happens quite often! Sigh.  It’s still fun to be on this treasure hunt. And one day soon, I will get those binoculars.


9 comments on “Camouflaging and Funny Hiding

  1. Oh, these are treasures indeed Linda. Forget the binoculars…I have those. I want a telephoto lens. LOL! Lovely post. 🙂

  2. Thank you Sonel! Actually, I sometimes use the camera as a binocular to bring something in closer. All of my shots that you see here were taken with a 300mm, so it’s a small telephoto. But I am grateful for it. Taking a new class on being grateful, list 5 things to be grateful for each day. So that’s going to be on the list!

    • Oh, you are so blessed indeed. I am not complaining as I do love my little camera as well and I am so grateful for it and I can zoom in too but I want clear cut photo’s and digital zoom messes up the pixels a bit as I only have 18x Optical Zoom, so yeah, 300mm zoom would be a dream come true for me. 🙂

  3. Thank you lifeonwry. Believe me, there’s more bad shots than good ones. And there’s many times I’ve gone somewhere because someone reported seeing something, and it’s not there! Or it flies away. But if you keep shooting, you’ll get some good ones too!

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