I am!

bfly bush pieces1

Whenever I feel down, or not able, sad, or in lack, I look at this picture of a juvenile male hummingbird that busted through a butterfly bush. It makes me  feel brighter, inspired and more hopeful. This little one had so much verve and spunk, he didn’t let a big butterfly bush stop him, he just flew through it, leaving pieces scattered all around him in the air! A triumph, a moment of sheer exertion of will, survival and exuberance.   Not a great picture due to lighting and the speed of the bird. But to me, it just says : I AM! period.


7 comments on “I am!

  1. I love this photo! It made me laugh instantly because it’s right in your face with an attitude of, here I am! Just as you said. And I love your choice of words to describe this. Busted through! Sheer exertion of will! So much verve and spunk. Wonderful post in capturing the essence both in words and photo. Loved it!

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