Contingency Plans

mag warbler in forsythia

I have my first outdoor art show coming up this Saturday, so I’m preparing for it, and there’s a bit of fear, concerning the weather! Will it rain? Will all my pictures get wet? That’s happened before. And some of them have to be reframed if I’m lucky. Sometimes they’re ruined for good. I don’t have the best tent.

So, in the meantime, I have  contingency plans! Cards in boxes, instead of in a rack, tent walls covering each side, instead of opening them to the public.  But I know from experience that you can go through all of this, and wait for the rain to fall,  and then it doesn’t! So you look like a kid with extra mittens, earmuffs and boots, all bundled up for a snowstorm, and then there’s not even a flake!

I am affirming that this art fair will go well somehow. Weatherwise, peoplewise, heartwise.

The above picture is a new one, taken less than a week ago, of  a magnolia warbler on a forsythia bush. One quick moment in time! He was there for 3 shots, and then he was gone. I like it so much I’m hanging it in my house for a few days before the show.

I am looking forward to touching hearts and making connections this weekend, and having the weather hold up for all that to happen!


6 comments on “Contingency Plans

  1. All the best, Linda. What will be will be and you will flow with it beautifully, just like the bird on the picture. Enjoy the fair!

  2. Thank you Maryse! I’ve already numbed myself to the pain of rude customers! hehe. That happened with my last indoor art fair. So I’m ready. Thanks for saying it will flow beautifully. I am holding on to that!

  3. Go with Faith 🙂
    I’m really enjoying this photo. I love the vivid yellow throughout and that the warbler blends in perfectly. So nice! And it made me laugh to think of being all bundled up with not a flake. Life has its own agenda and that’s the best part of it! It will always keep you on your toes, drizzling with unexpected surprises! Enjoy this weekend!

  4. I am sure it will go well on the art fair hon. All of the best to you. 🙂
    Love the warbler photo. Really exquisite! 🙂

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