A Kind Gust

blowing willowcardinal in cherry tree1

I am so grateful for small miracles. Yesterday, at my art fair, the wind gusts were really strong. My card rack fell over into the jewelry booth next to me. Thank goodness it did not fall on anyone or into the jewelry. Just fell on the grass.  And total strangers in the jewelry booth  helped me pick up the cards. I didn’t lose too many. Spring art fairs are risky due to unpredictable weather. But the kindness of strangers is always so powerful. And so unpredictable as well.


5 comments on “A Kind Gust

  1. Thank you Maryse! There were a lot of stormy skies, a few drops and mostly wind. It was an uncertain day! A bit nerve wracking. But when I thought about it today, I realize the kindness and quick action that took place. And I am kind of in awe.

  2. There’s something wonderfully Majestic about these photos. I really do love them all. They seem to reflect the Love you have in taking them. You know exactly where to focus so that we may love them too.

  3. Small miracles are everywhere and I am glad to hear that you had no damage hon and yes, kind strangers do make us feel there is hope indeed for mankind. 🙂 Lovely photo’s hon. 🙂

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