I couldn’t be more sure

bright gem tulips

I had a most amazing day. Where everything about my life suddenly became clear. Not just because my car made it to the art show, not because I made a little money. Those are good things to be sure.   But suddenly I feel connected and an integral part of this world. And I feel good about myself and who I am.  And I realize what I can do to make this world a better place.

I got to the show and I have to say my attitude was totally in the dumpster. I was mad at myself for signing up for this “dumb” show, I should have known better, blah blah blah. Have you ever had this awful chatter in your mind? That you can’t seem to stop? I was on a roll! One negative thought after another.

And then the cold sweaty fear about paying bills. How was that going to happen? So, I did something that usually works for me. When I’ve gotten myself so worked up in a lather, I just say thank you God. I said it over and over. Even though, to tell you the truth, I felt nothing to be thankful for in that moment. Not that I don’t have things to be thankful for, but in that moment, I was mad and upset, beyond consolation.

Not much changed after I said that, but I did feel calmer. I walked around and talked to some of the artists. I spoke to my next door neighbor who told me the saddest story. Her husband had died at the beginning of the recession and she was forced to sell her house at a loss. Now she is trying to liquidate the contents of her store, which she was forced to close.  She had been going to flea markets and craft shows, just trying to make some money on her inventory.   People were lowballing her on prices, and she felt that her own family didn’t  appreciate her either. I could just feel her hopelessness.

I had to leave her booth as, I had a customer. The lady that had spoken about buying the bright gem tulips was back! Amazingly! The Be Backs, usually don’t come back. But here she was. And someone else bought a few things. Suddenly I broke even. The money I paid for the show was paid back to me. No profit, to be sure, but I breathed easier.

After the show was over, I went back to my neighbor and asked for her name. She told me, and I said I would pray for her. She had tears in her eyes. And she made me cry too.

I suddenly realized how connected we all are. And no matter how much money you have, or don’t have, it doesn’t make you feel secure. And if you think you’re selling your stuff just to get rid of it, and nobody cares about you, it’s an awful feeling. But with prayer, there is always hope. When somebody cares enough to pray, you feel human again, loved, important, part of something.

And so, if you believe in this, please pray for the lady next to Linda, God will know who. Pray that she feels an integral part of this world again. And the rest will take care of itself. For her, for me, and for all of you. I feel sure of that.


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  1. Oh, I feel for you and that lady Linda and thanks for caring so much hon and we will just have to trust and have faith in the universe that everything will be taken care of hon. I know the feeling too well …that desperation, all the questions … but I trust that the universe knows what it’s doing and that all will work out fine for everyone. When I win those millions you will be the first 2 people I send money too. 🙂
    Sending lots of positive thoughts to both of you sweetness. *big hugs*

  2. There is only Love. And the most fulfilling thing in the world is connecting to this Love by Being Loving. What could be better than that? There is a richness in it that no physical thing can provide.

  3. So moving, Linda, both your words and your photograph. We never know how our presence may affect others. Nothing goes to waste. We matter, we really do. I am praying for this nice lady and for you too, my friend. May your journey continue to take you to a place of love, growth, and power. ♥

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