Flying, Fear, and Freedom

atlas moth

The atlas moth pictured above was in its first day of life when I discovered it. A truly amazing creature! I learned that it only lives for 2 weeks in its fully developed form. It doesn’t even have a mouth, so it can’t eat. As caterpillars they eat a lot, and this enables them to live off of their fat reserves as adults. The short adult life is only to be used to mate and lay eggs. They die shortly thereafter.

Flying:  The female doesn’t stray far from its discarded chrysalis. It attracts the male by secreting pheromones. The males are unsteady fliers, but can detect a female from many kilometers away.

Fear:  Every animal has a defense mechanism.  On the uppermost part of the each atlas wing, there is an image of a snake. And the hair on their body is an irritant to the skin of other animals.

They are preyed upon by other creatures as caterpillars.  So, it is amazing to see them in all their adult glory. Their wingspans can reach up to 12 inches, and with badass snake wings, they must be glorious in flight!

Tawny maroon miracle

May you fly with the wind

Warm with the sun

And feel the beauty of your wings

As you travel across this earth.

May you just have a moment of freedom.


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  1. I’m in complete awe of Nature’s intricate artwork on this majestic beauty. What a beautiful photo you’ve captured. Up to a 12-inch wing span! Imagine that…

  2. What a beautiful moth indeed Linda! Nature is so beautiful! Thanks for sharing and for the interesting info and have a great weekend! *big hugs*

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