3 birdsDSC_6552

The snow is blowing sideways

The wind is howling fierce.

My sweater’s not enough

My scarf is getting soaked

I hope to find a warm place

To rest my head tonite.

The storm is in a rage

And my life is in its hands

11 comments on “Survival

  1. I bet you wish you could put on sweaters for those beautiful birds as well Linda. 😀
    Great shot and poem. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  2. At times, our lives can be so delicate and fragile, that we come to be without Will. But it’s in this state of vulnerability that we come to trust a higher calling and know our Love. Dare we forge ahead.

  3. The pictures of birds always send me soaring and this little grouping gives me pause, wondering what they are thinking or communicating. Great shot! Smiles, Robin

    • Thanks Robin. I always marvel at how resilient they are in the winter. Although I’ve been hearing recently that a lot of ducks have died during spring migration. They weren’t expecting all the ice in the water and it prevents them from fishing and taking off because they need water to be able to get the speed to fly. This winter really has been a rough one.

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