Morning Light

yellow flowerDSC_4145red hibiscusDSC_4156

The morning sun
is not defined.
Light and airy,
soft and faint;
gathering its steam
for the midday blast.
All of my best thoughts
are formed
early in the day,
before the noisy bustle
fills the streets.

By naturerestoresme Posted in Poetry

On Hold

Well I just got waitlistedsun behind clouds
from an art fair that I
felt sure I would get into
again. I’ve done it 3 years
now. But this year, I am
on the waiting list. It’s
the first bad news of the
new year! So, of course,
it doesn’t feel good.

As I sit here and process it, I am reminded that  some of the best stuff gets written or created when someone’s feelings are raw and upended. When we are honest. Clever words are not needed.  And when an artist creates something that speaks of their soul, it is a part of the universe.

There is always a home for our expression. And it will reach the hearts that are meant to find it.  Nothing is ever really wasted if it comes from our truth.

And something newdewy hibiscusDSC_4160 is always being born.

I will never leave you

setting sunDSC_4062

A poem struggling to be formed

A lump is catching in my throat
My heart is crying to be heard.

Your spirit never stops to muse
Where Love comes from.
A never ending flow
Is dripping down in snowflakes
Gently singing through the air
Landing on your tongue
Seeping in your heart.
I come through colorful sunsets
As a glowing ball of light
Burning orange and yellow
Dreamy blue and gray
A fiery orb, sinking in the west
Burying all the unhealed thoughts
Kissing every tear.
Blessing your unfilled heart.
An acceptance so Divine
And a Love without condition.
Your healing is inside.
And I will never leave you.

Why I do what I do

gf baby mom facing me gf baby mom back to mebaby goldfinch

There can be no greater joy than to be outside and to witness the tenderest of scenes, a mama goldfinch teaching her little baby to fly. At the end, we were all cheering for the little guy! He spread his wings and he flew a little bit.  He looked so fragile and yet so brave. It was a small miracle that day. And there were many more taking place around him, I am sure. I just felt so blessed to be a part of this one.

Bathroom Break

DSC_2806pa gas station

I can remember taking a bathroom break at the above gas station in Pennsylvania. My husband and I were driving home from NY after Thanksgiving. I got out of the car to stretch my legs and to examine the crates that were covered with icy snow and gleaming under a sunbeam. It was so beautiful. Even though it was just garbage. The mountains were dotted with trees, and soon to be engulfed in darkness. The sun was setting, and the day was almost done.

Before we left this area, I saw a woman walking a pig! She really was. It was on a leash. And she came to this gas station, perhaps for cigarettes or a grocery item. And she and her pig looked like it was just another day. No big deal. I didn’t feel it was right to take her picture, like she was some kind of spectacle.

I wasn’t ready to leave this area yet, and so we drove down the road. I love moments like these. Where you don’t know what lies ahead, but you just have a feeling that there’s something worth discovering. And so you just drive.

We found a picnic area and discovered we were in the Bald Eagle State Park in Howard, PA. We got out of the car and walked for half an hour, until there was no more light, walking up a path filled with icy snow, and pine needles. Breathing in the fresh air. And marveling at this lonely, beautiful place. How glad we were to find it!  Everything was encased in ice, the leaves, the path we were on, the pine needles.  It was so very cold, we could see our smokey breath.

DSC_2908winding path

Just another day on the road. An adventure. A new discovery. Some colorful locals, and vivid memories. Each day can be a new discovery.

That’s why I like driving instead of flying. You can explore whatever is along the way. And it’s never what you would expect.