Bathroom Break

DSC_2806pa gas station

I can remember taking a bathroom break at the above gas station in Pennsylvania. My husband and I were driving home from NY after Thanksgiving. I got out of the car to stretch my legs and to examine the crates that were covered with icy snow and gleaming under a sunbeam. It was so beautiful. Even though it was just garbage. The mountains were dotted with trees, and soon to be engulfed in darkness. The sun was setting, and the day was almost done.

Before we left this area, I saw a woman walking a pig! She really was. It was on a leash. And she came to this gas station, perhaps for cigarettes or a grocery item. And she and her pig looked like it was just another day. No big deal. I didn’t feel it was right to take her picture, like she was some kind of spectacle.

I wasn’t ready to leave this area yet, and so we drove down the road. I love moments like these. Where you don’t know what lies ahead, but you just have a feeling that there’s something worth discovering. And so you just drive.

We found a picnic area and discovered we were in the Bald Eagle State Park in Howard, PA. We got out of the car and walked for half an hour, until there was no more light, walking up a path filled with icy snow, and pine needles. Breathing in the fresh air. And marveling at this lonely, beautiful place. How glad we were to find it!  Everything was encased in ice, the leaves, the path we were on, the pine needles.  It was so very cold, we could see our smokey breath.

DSC_2908winding path

Just another day on the road. An adventure. A new discovery. Some colorful locals, and vivid memories. Each day can be a new discovery.

That’s why I like driving instead of flying. You can explore whatever is along the way. And it’s never what you would expect.


17 comments on “Bathroom Break

  1. It’s truly beautiful there Linda and it just goes to show … if we want to see the beauty in everything around us, we will and you truly do. Great shots and thanks for sharing the beauty with us. 😀 *hugs*

  2. Oh, amen! You live with open eyes which see beauty and light and with an open and kind heart which thinks of others (the pig-walking lady). Bless you.

  3. What a lovely reminder to be in the moment and open to what is, Linda! Being willing to receive all of life’s beauty, what a glorious way to travel. ♥

    • Thank you so much Maryse. So much better than flying! Last year we discovered some covered bridges in Pennsylvania, I think they were in Madison County. Maybe I’ll write about that too.

  4. ‘She who pee-eth in the wind (while on a bathroom break) shall have it blown back in her face’

    That is to say,

    The world reveals and reflects the treasures of the heart through which we see…..

    And sometimes, that means seeing blue frogs fly, lizards loud laughing, and if you’re truly lucky, a pig on a leash, asking for one more hop scotch around the tree.

  5. You know I stand corrected Maryse, Madison County was in IA! I was actually in Columbus County in Pennsylvania. John, your expression made me laugh! You have put into perspective my experience at the gas station!

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