DSC_3944cbg crystal

In the midst of blowing snow
And icy cold
Sits a bright and glowing crystal.
Sending healing waves of light
blessing everyone in sight.
Gleaming, beaming
steaming in the sun.
Melting all the fear
and wiping every tear.


10 comments on “Healing

    • Thank you Maryse. This is such a lovely piece of art with a golden ball sitting atop the columns and these huge crystals inside! It’s awesome, and I wonder if people realize what wonderful energy is all around it.

    • thank you Shelley. This is a piece of art at the Chicago Botanic Gardens. It’s in a very central location and lots of people pass it by every day. It has a gold ball on the top of it, like a little globe. It’s quite unique and I know the energy given off by the crystals makes it that much more magical to be around.

  1. Now I have to. I just have to ask you. What camera are you using? And with the birds you must be using a long range lense, right? I am intrigued with what you are doing. You are good enough to be teaching. Can you tell the impression you have left on me? Incredible work you are doing. Just incredible.

    I confess I feel like a kid right now. I have been using unprofessional lenses and finally am now able to get professional ones. I wrote about it yesterday I believe on my blog. One is going to be arriving tomorrow, and I will be playing with it. Oh believe me. And after seeing what you are doing, I am honestly going to learn from you.

    I am SO glad you followed me, and now since I am following you, I am going to make sure your posts come to my email box. I don’t use the reader. I am fascinated with your work, Linda. xxoo, Amy

    • Amy I use a digital Nikon SLR. Started with a D50 and now have a D7000. Most of my bird and flower shots were taken with a 70-300mm lens. The range allowed me take scenery as well as closeups of birds and flowers, and I also use it as a macro lens. I usually take a shot with the automatic feature and see which settings the camera chose for light, then fine tune them with my own settings. You just play with it til you get it right. I truly still have much to learn. Would like to know a lot more about photoshop than I do. I know the basics. This year I am determined to learn a lot more. I would be glad to answer any of your questions. Perhaps I will post some mini lessons if people are interested. I am always glad to share what I know, because other people have done the same for me.

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