Why I do what I do

gf baby mom facing me gf baby mom back to mebaby goldfinch

There can be no greater joy than to be outside and to witness the tenderest of scenes, a mama goldfinch teaching her little baby to fly. At the end, we were all cheering for the little guy! He spread his wings and he flew a little bit.  He looked so fragile and yet so brave. It was a small miracle that day. And there were many more taking place around him, I am sure. I just felt so blessed to be a part of this one.


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  1. a beautiful moment to witness. gorgeous photography! so touching and happy. it reminds me of a incident in my garden where a poor fledgling had not managed to acheive its first flight and lay stunned under a tree. my little dog found it and he kept dancing near it. looking back at me and dancing some more. it never occurred to me he was trying to gain my attention. next thing he sits in front of me with something in his mouth. This terrier, bred to be a rodent killer had picked up the little bird and gently carried it to me, presenting it to me to “fix”. it was so tiny and very weak. our neighbour placed it in a quiet spot on the other side of the fence where the dog wouldn’t worry at it, with a little bowl of water and some seed. when she checked back that night it was gone. i hope it had recovered.

    • Thank you for your story Shelley. The animal world is so fragile. It’s sweet that your terrier didn’t harm the bird. I love seeing animals help each other out. I hope that everything turned out ok for the little fledgling. You did all you could.

  2. Absolutely stunning photos. Linda! Wow! I don’t know how you did it. Birds are not easy to get a still photo of. I mean it. I really am impressed!! Do you realize how talented you are?

    • Thank you so much Amy. You are very kind. I just become a part of “their” world, whatever it is, a dragonfly, a bird, you just watch it, observe where it hangs out and park your but there! hehe. For hours. And lots of bad shots before 1 good one comes along.

      • Lucky you. Time is what I don’t have usually. I am so busy with the care of special cats. But I know what you mean. I am honored by Nature for I am given permission to do what I do. Hard to explain.

        Being as tired as I am right now, I will just be brief. No wonder your shots are so good. It’s the camera you have. I have yet to work up to that one. Presently I work with a Canon D50. I’ve lately wanted a second camera, a Nikon. In fact, the one you have to be honest with you. I girl can dream now can’t she? I focus on perfecting what D50 has to teach me, and I go from there.

        I just now have begun to explore Adobe more then I have in the past. Because of the lenses I have had, I turned to editing to help me get the “look” I was shooting for. You can only do so much with editing. I’ve also been playing around with settings on my camera myself, how to combine them to get the effect I want. There is just SO much to learn, always, I never get bored. LOL

        The incredible talent that is on WordPress blows me away. So many with such unbelievable talent. You are one of them, you know. And yes, I think it would be awesome if you began to teach. Judging by your photos, you are ready. Me? No. Way no. Not even near.

        I could talk to you all night. Thank you so much for coming into my life. If I just had a life where I could focus on photo and word….but I don’t. My every day I put in up to 16 hours. No days off. I am thinking of pulling back a bit on my blog, especially now that Spring is right around the corner. I am not able to go on photo shoots, edit photos, take care of all I do, take care of me, LEARN, and still do the blogging thing. It’s just not my blog but showing a genuine interest in my friends’ work. It’s exhausting at times to be perfectly honest.

        Off to take a shower and then bed with a photo book. I am determined to get my photography to look where I want it to look. I practiced again today with my regular lenses, applied some things I have recently learned, and I just about shouted for JOY because I now can see progress. And to think I will be receiving my macro tomorrow. OH OH!!! I have waited for this for so long and it is almost here. Christmas is tomorrow for me. Not Valentine’s. LOL

        (((HUGS))) Amy who must go take shower cause she is just about asleep now……

  3. Last year for the first time I saw a mother bird peeling the bird seed I put out every morning, then feeding the “ready” product to her two babes. Never realized it started this way. Now I know that I’m looking at seed skins whenever I empty out the dish– and not just eating debris. thanx for sharing.

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