I will never leave you

setting sunDSC_4062

A poem struggling to be formed

A lump is catching in my throat
My heart is crying to be heard.

Your spirit never stops to muse
Where Love comes from.
A never ending flow
Is dripping down in snowflakes
Gently singing through the air
Landing on your tongue
Seeping in your heart.
I come through colorful sunsets
As a glowing ball of light
Burning orange and yellow
Dreamy blue and gray
A fiery orb, sinking in the west
Burying all the unhealed thoughts
Kissing every tear.
Blessing your unfilled heart.
An acceptance so Divine
And a Love without condition.
Your healing is inside.
And I will never leave you.


25 comments on “I will never leave you

  1. How comforting it is to know that Love is always present in our lives. It doesn’t come and go when things get difficult. It’s us that turns away when we’re afraid. All we need do is be willing to allow Love to flow through us and it instantly fills us and refreshes us with a new innocence and spark. When we Become Love, by seeing through the eyes of Love, all is instantly restored back to goodness. Isn’t that wonderful? Thank you for this beautiful poem. I just loved it.

      • (((HUGS))) and welcome back home!! xxoo, Amy

        On Sunday, February 23, 2014, Linda Strickland – Nature Restores Me wrote:

        > naturerestoresme commented: “That’s so sweet Amy, I’m glad you like > it. Just got back from vacation, and will be catching up on everyone’s blog > real soon.”

  2. Linda, your poem is a lovely reminder that night is as much a gift as day; we need rest as well as a fresh starts. That our Creator will never leave us is our empowerment to rise each morning with confidence, though we may be weak.

    Blessings ~ Wendy โ€

  3. What a really beautiful poem! ๐Ÿ™‚ I was actually thinking along a similar line of thought this morning, about healing, and especially the mind. It was quite an emotional line of thought about something that has been underlying in my mind since the age of five, about the way I look at myself fitting into the world – or to be more precise, not fitting very comfortably into the world around me. It was one of those moment when I really saw something that needed to change in my thinking, and your poem feels like a conformation of that moment. So thank you for that, that really touched my mind in the way that I needed!! ๐Ÿ™‚ And your picture is very lovely – is it sunrise?

    • I am so glad this poem touched your heart Suzy. This was a sunset last winter during a very cold walk! had to cut it short it was so cold. I think artists like us often feel that we don’t fit into the world around us. But once we start sharing what’s in our heart, through our writing, we find other kindred souls, and start to appreciate how special we really are.

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