I can’t sit still

fish creek path

yellow ladyslipper

I can’t sit still or listen to you
So I’m going far away
Down a long windy road
On my bumpy bike ride
Over the roots and the stones
and the little piss-ants.
I will fill my head
with the fast roaring air!
My toes are squooshing on sand.
And I’ll only stop
Where lady slippers grow
By the side of the trees
With the ballet slipper ties
Curling like tendrils
Shining like homespun gold.


8 comments on “I can’t sit still

  1. Is this in Florida again, Linda? It makes me dream of warm days and ants. 🙂 Ballets slippers indeed. How precious! So glad you felt the need to “run away” and gift us with beauty. (any news on the fair’s wait list?)

    • Hi maryse, no this is actually in Door County (wisconsin) 2 years ago. it’s a great path for bikers, hikers, and the mosquitos were fierce! That’s why being on a bike was best. No news about April yet. I’m trying to be open to my guidance and find out what else I’m supposed to do. Thank you for asking.

      • All the best, dear Linda, as I always tell my children, if something doesn’t work out, it means there’s something better down the line. May it be so for you, dear one. ♥

  2. What I really enjoy about this poem is that I actually feel like I’m peddling down this path, feeling the wind in my hair. And it’s nothing but joy, joy, joy! Love these photos! Especially the lady slippers. It makes me feel still, ironically. Fully present in the moment.

    • Thank you John. It’s a beautiful spot. And you see many families with little kids and pets along this path. But there are spots beyond this where it’s more remote and there is a certain landscape that just is Door County. It’s the midwest’s New England. And i was lucky to capture no one riding at this moment, and I was so happy to see it empty.

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