Fall Reverie

cbg grove in fall

                    The sunshine is alive

Dancing and jumping
Bouncing off the sky
Running across the leaves
Working with the wind
To create a dazzling display.
Teasing us with its fickle rays
Here 1 day and gone the next.
Enjoy me while you can
It seems to say.
Feel my warmth.
I’ll bless your crops.
And give you mirth.
But I will leave
When it needs to rain.


7 comments on “Fall Reverie

  1. The cycles of nature, yes indeed. Sunshine’s warmth will be most welcome here when it finally teases us out of hibernation. ♥

    • Good one Maryse! “teases us out of hibernation”. So true! I went out today, not dressed warmly enough and had to curtail my walk! It looked warmer, but it wasn’t.

  2. Oh, gracious Sun. You who show your face in perfect timing, knowing when to appear and when to humbly bow back. For, if you had too much greed or felt selfish or vengeful or seeked attention, we would all suffer for it. Thank you for being impersonally giving.

    • Thank you John. In looking through the archives for something that wasn’t winter I found this picture. I loved how the sunbeams were dancing. They really were. And it seemed so carefree and beautiful.

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