A Hardy Life

weed1A thought I was
As the fierce wind blew.
A seed I became
flying through the dusty air.

A home I found
On the side of your house.
An empty spot
where there was only dirt.

A sprig, a green shoot
a small hardy life
Just trying to be.
No one noticed me.

I twisted and turned
and grew taller each day.
Pushed up shiny white petals
With a bright crimson center

A little lantern
With sewed up seams
Hid the tiny seed thoughts
That first started me.

And then I got attention.
A weed! Oh no!
I was forcefully pulled
Out of my home.

But those little seed thoughts
Dropped into the soil
And Grew me again
And again and again!


13 comments on “A Hardy Life

    • Thank you Maryse! You know, I’m embarrased to say I really don’t know! hehe. But I will find out. I’m pretty sure it is some type of weed. But it was so unusual, I had to take a picture of it. And it’s so intricate and sweet, I really love it.

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