owlAll of my thoughts laid bare before You
I breathe.
I am real.
My memories burned into my brain
My hopes crashing like waves
My inspiration faltering
My all
My everything.
Open to be changed

17 comments on “Bare

  1. This is such a lovely poem Linda! Like a complete transformation or rebirth! I thought of a phoenix on fire, then being reborn from its ashes!

  2. I am vulnerable. I am open. I am ready to receive my good. Thank you…

    I Love this message. And I just love this perfect photo!

  3. I’m really into the energy of rawness, Linda. How perfect. Some of my friends talk about wounds but I think it’s possible to be raw without wounds. Like this owl. Open, Bare. REady. Love it! ♥

  4. What a darling owlet! Linda, your poem perfectly suits the vulnerable look in its eyes. Sometimes we need to be bare before we’re blanketed with change or growth.

    Blessings ~ Wendy ❀

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