Keep your eyes open!

blubfly reddahliaDSC_0112The smallest creature
Is vibrating under your nose!
With brilliant colors
Under warm sun rays.

Keep your eyes open!
Or else the pictures in your life
Will all be the same
And the tiniest of miracles
will pass you by.


17 comments on “Keep your eyes open!

  1. I love the richness and vividness of this beautifully colorful shot! I feel so drawn into it as if the petals are swirling me in. I love the contrast in colors in this as well. Just really an overall great shot!

    • Thank you so much djmrakiey! I had to crop stuff out! There was way more than needed to be in this picture. I don’t always do that right, so thank you for the compliment.

  2. Holy synchronicity again, Linda! I was writing about “noticing” yesterday. How important it is as a source of joy. Wonderful picture and words! ♥

  3. What a fabulous capture! One has to be very patient to get such a photo. Besides that the richness of the color warms me through and through.

  4. Great message here! I love the way you remind us that there is beauty surrounding us, that we need simply to keep our eyes open for these blessings! Smiles, Robin

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