Felt the salty ocean sprayny skylineDSC_2740
On my fingers and my nose
I was standing on the edge.
The ferry pushed and tugged me on.
The joy I felt inside myself
As I looked at her in awe
Closer and closer we ferried
To see the lady in the harbor.

On the island I could see her face
Her noble chiseled jaw
Her eyes were staring straight ahead
A mighty torch she held
To burn away the suffering,
the malice and the hate.
To purify the air
Of our every selfish thought.

She shows us how to care.statue and torchDSC_2722
Without even saying a word.
Reminds us of our chains
That are bound upon her feet.

I feel the freedom in the air
Her protection and her strength.
Equality and love for all
She beams across the harbor.
We must fight to keep alive.
Those ideals that brought us here.

Inside her iron frame
The many stairs I climb
My heart is beating fast
My breath is keeping up.
Higher and higher we go
Reaching single file stairs.
I feel the sweat, the tears, the shame
Of those who’ve gone before.
Their love, their hopes, their families
She holds them all so dear

And at the top inside her crowncrownDSC_2730 copy
I see the book she holds.
It makes me feel so safe inside.
The book is never wavering
From the page that she is on.
The torch is always burning.
Every day she keeps us pure.
The wind is whistling through her
As she holds the steady gaze
And doesn’t move a muscle
To keep us safe from storms.

I’m glad I’ve made this journey.
And I’ll hold it in my heart.
Till this world becomes a safer place.
A sweeter, gentler, soft embrace.
A caring loving, kinder face.

I have been to the Statue of Liberty 3 times. And I am not done yet. She always transforms and moves me. These trips help me to hold on to my dream of a world so deeply bound by love, and connection, that there will be always be enough. For everyone. Let us make it happen.


20 comments on “Enough

  1. It’s lovely,Linda, and reminds me of what this country, with all its ups and downs, stands for. My mom cried the first time she saw the Statue of Liberty. She remembered the American troops liberating Belgium in 1945. She knew what she stood for. We take it for granted here. My parents never did. ♥

    • Thank you Maryse. It is something that I want to visit every time I’m in NY. Although, I don’t always get to go with someone! 1 time I went by myself. That was ok. It was a spiritual experience, and I will do it as often as I can. I have the words of the New Colussus on my vision board.

  2. Oh, Linda, this is awesome! I have a suspician I am not getting all my blogs I follow through the reader, darn it!!! I did NOT see yours there today. I am SO glad I hit your gravatar to maybe see if you have something new. Great post!!!! Love, Amy

  3. Linda! You ARE in my reader! Holy Macro! You just must have published this. Oh thank goodness. Then I am getting my blogs I follow. Just wanted to let you know. GRIN!

  4. I admire your three trips to see the Statue of Liberty ‘up close and personal.’ You truly inspire me to be more patriotic, care more and really want to be able to do more for others. This is a beautiful tribute to Her! Love it!

  5. Oh, my … my, my, my … Linda, this is so wonderful. And the photos! Especially the one of the torch railing …you have such a spirit, such a heart, such an eye … it’s hard to believe you are here. Bless you.

  6. Your poem are so moving Linda and so are the shots. Absolutely gorgeous! I can see you truly enjoy visiting the Lady. 😀

    • Thank you John. I don’t have a very good picture of the shackles on her feet, but whenever I see them, it reminds me of how much I have to be grateful for! All of us, really.

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