Scritch Scratch Squoosh Screeeeam!

I’m sitting at meditationred water lily
And trying to relax
And let my thoughts
And get into those alpha waves
I’m feeling calm
And filled with gratitude
A warmth around my head
A tingling in my feet.

Scritch scraaaaaaaatch, squoooooosh scream!
Scriiiiiiiiiitch scratch, squoosh screeeeeeeam!

I don’t know what that noise is
It really jars my senses
Is it the person next to me?grackle in spring2
No, he is in a coma!

The noise would not continue
In a consistent way
It came and went
Just as it pleased.
It seemed to know when I was calm.
And would disrupt me yet again!

Scriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitch scratch, squooooooooooooooosh screeeeeeeeam!
Scritch Scraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatch squoosh scream!

I closed my eyes and tried so hard
To get back to my center
But nothing that I did would help
As I was getting Bent er!

I finally shrugged my head
And thought
This time is just a waste!
I cannot get back to the mood
That seemed so promising.

When closing words were saidwindblown
“we come back to this room”
I never left!
“we wiggle our feet and our toes”
someone in the back row has been doing that all night!
“we know this time has been beneficial…”
for you maybe!
“as we enter the world again
we feel refreshed…”
Glad somebody does!

Ok. Now I really need to meditate!



17 comments on “Scritch Scratch Squoosh Screeeeam!

  1. Hahaha! I’d say that you can cut yourself some slack here, Linda. Your photographs are meditation enough. It takes an aware and focused eye to capture life the way you do. ♥

    • Thanks Maryse. I was so annoyed at the time this was happening, but now it just seems hilarious. It always amazes me how people can live in their own shoes squeaking, and not notice!

  2. This beautiful water lily is so surreal! It resonates with me so deeply! I truly truly love it! Now that’s what I’m talking about! That photo makes my eyes go swirl. Makes me body twirl! Makes me wanna dance. Boom. Shaka la ka! Boom!

  3. Sometimes the world just gets in the way of contemplation. It usually means that I need to do something very physical to clear my head, a hike, a workout, anything. I hope you were able to find your center again 🙂

    • Thanks znara! Usually, going outside helps me to do that. And so I go out as often as I can in any type of weather. Looking forward to your blogs! I am sure you will be hiking soon and sharing your adventures with us.

      • Your writing always makes me feel like I am out there even when I can’t be. I have been so busy with apartment hunting and moving the blog to a new host and redesigning it. I cannot wait for the warm weather 🙂 and hiking adventures. We are going to head back to Devil’s Path this summer and Mt. Katahdin.

  4. I won’t be able to meditate either with all that beauty around me Linda. LOL! I would just keep on taking photo’s and the ones you took are absolutely gorgeous!!!! Thanks for sharing. 😀 ♥ Hugs ♥

    • Thank you Sonel! Yes, seeing beauty requires having your eyes open, not sitting still! hehe. I don’t sit still easily, so it’s probably a good discipline. Hope you have a great day.

  5. It is hard to find your ‘zen’ when there are noises surrounding you! Could you wear headphones with a quiet, soothing music like waves or something? This made me chuckle! I am not good at meditating, turning off the wheels in my brain, albeit slower and more scattered these days! Smiles, Robin

    • There was actually music already there! hehe. And it was all meant to be soothing! We go into meditation with a few words about breathing and relaxation, and then after 1/2 hr., there are some words to end it, similar to what was in my poem. Next time I will politely get up and just move! lesson learned. Thanks for stopping by.

      • I just thought some headphones or ear plugs, would really ‘center’ me into meditation. It is hard for me to concentrate, anyway! This was a funny and clever way to lead us into your post, too. Great title! Smiles, Robin

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