Spring is finally here

crocus budsDSC_0028yellow budsDSC_0014blue iris budDSC_0030trumpeter swanDSC_0057 There’s a rustle in the trees
A rumbling in the earth
A little sprig that’s pushing through
Color bursting through earth’s seams.

A little bit of spring
Is coming through this cold.
The wind is blowing mighty

The earth is finally yielding
The treasures it’s been keeping.



16 comments on “Spring is finally here

  1. You are a little before me. In fact the images I plan on shootint sometime this weekend are of the first and third photo. They are in my neighbor’s garden, so I am not sure what they are. LOL I have SO many plants and flowers just in my gardens, I cannot even keep track of those! LOL Love, Amy

      • We just have shoots here NO buds but that is what I will be shooting. Anything, I’ll take!!! I’m desperate! I have a feeling everything is going to burst forth at once here. LONG winter, Spring being shy and all, and then BOOM! (sigh) Get ready, Ame, for you are about to enter the Spring Race. LOL Love, Amy

  2. Such beautiful captures Linda. I can see you are enjoying it as much as the bulbs and birds. Enjoy and thanks for sharing these beauties. 😀

  3. Great photos but powerful and healing words! I felt the wind whipping me about last night and this morning. I hear its howl but notice the earth is still blooming. This was great! Smiles, Robin

  4. Linda, I really like how you described the birth of spring. It’s my favorite season, and it always makes me think of The Secret Garden (which I read in grade 4 so many springs ago). Your swan picture is so lovely.

    Blessings ~ Wendy ❀

  5. A perfect description – it really is bursting out now, I shall be getting out summer clothes soon! Love your pictures too, that swan looks very dramatic – great motion shot!! 😀

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