Was that really real?

Gliding swiftly by
I almost missed him
Just a speck in my eye
A soundless passerby.

A loon is on the lake
He’s playing hide and seek
Dipping far below the surface
He swims a thousand meter lap.

He keeps you guessing
Where will you see him next?

Like a momentary dream
A flitting fleeting thought
Shimmer glimmer into view.

What is that I saw?
Was that really real?
And when will it come back?

22 comments on “Was that really real?

  1. Linda, this lovely experience happened to me recently; except that I didn’t get the picture I was hoping for. I’m not sure if it was a loon or not since I was too far away.

    Blessings ~ Wendy ❀

    • Thank you Wendy. It was a loon if it kept diving under water every few minutes! And then resurfaced so far away from the original location, that you were lucky to find it again! hehe. Their call is unmistakable. I might post
      another set of loon pictures with a u-tube of their call.

  2. Being in the moment and savoring it. It’s lovely,Linda. So glad you were able to capture it too for us all to enjoy. What a blessing! ♥

    • Thank you Maryse! These are the hardest waterfowl for me to capture. They’re really elusive and stay far away from the shore. This one was so close, it was really a miracle.

    • Hi Suzy,
      Actually a loon composes a genus family and order all their own. They are considered aquatic birds. They are so cool! I love seeing them. And when they do their mating dance, they spread out their wings and give a haunting call. I sure hope I get to see that this season. So far, they have just been fast silent swimmers! as you so aptly said. If you’ve seen the movie “On Golden Pond” with Jane Fonda and her father, the loon call is in that movie.

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