Spring snowstorm

snowy blu irisDSC_0039

snowy pansyDSC_0008

snowy harvest tulipDSC_0017Precious little lives
pelted on by snow
Mischief making nature
Blew a big surprise

She teased the clouds
And made them drop
the biggest flakes she could

And yet the flowers linger
never giving up on spring.


26 comments on “Spring snowstorm

  1. The same happened to us. Ice on the forsythia bushes this morning!! But spring is stubborn and it shall win. Lovely pics, as usual, Linda. thanks!

  2. BEE-U-TEE-FULL, Linda!! Love your perspectives in these images. I don’t recognize the blue flowers or the yellow one. You stumped me. The third is a tulip? I think? Your sweet little poem I just skipped on like a little kid. Just wonderful!!! xx Amy

    • Thank you Amy! The yellow one is the back of a pansey. I know it looks so different without the little face, right? And the blue is a type of iris. I believe it’s called orchid iris. And the tulip is a harvest tulip.

  3. “You’ve gotta get down, get down, get down, on your knees; you’ve got to get hum-ble, if Love will see you eye to eye.” – Sephora

    If we could just emulate Nature, we could learn to be noble….

    Lovely lovely poem.

  4. Oh these are some sad photos aren’t they? Mischief making nature to be sure! Great wording. Here the flowers have not even dared think to come out of the ground.

  5. Linda, although the snow was not welcome, it made a lovely backdrop for the flowers. You’ve turned the situation into something beautiful with your words and pictures.

    Blessings ~ Wendy ❀

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