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A pulse is vibrating in the city
A low and steady hum
People walking close to you
Snatching bits & pieces of your soul.

You feel the pulse and want to ride it
The excitement and the contrasts.

A street duet is sweetly sung
Two violin bows playing their owner’s hearts
sweetly serenading all who pass them by
flower pots art museumDSC_0027asking money for the homeless.
Pure and dedicated souls
along with sweetly lotioned people
holding umbrellas & shopping bags
and the homeless in rags
exposing their burnt skin to the sun.

All of us  walking together
fusing and melding and sharing our space.
Feeling the pulse at a different rate
Desperation and sweat
Longing and boredom
Excitement and malaise.
All swelling and rising
as the feet move on
and all the thoughts and hopes and dreams
come together
for 1 quick moment.




28 comments on “Chicago

  1. Yes, “all of us walking together”. We really are, aren’t we? This feels like an explosion of life, Linda. So wonderful and necessary, thank you.

    • Thank you Maryse! It certainly was a full day for me. I walked all over the city, my feet were sore! And I almost had my purse stolen, but my streetwise friend prevented this from happening. It was a slice of life to be sure. One I’m not used to, but I love to experience sometimes.

  2. What a beautiful portrait of a city! 🙂 I have never been to Chicago. But it sounds similar to many other urban cities 🙂

      • Oh, I have been to New York, the only place I have been to in US, I loved New York! 🙂 Maybe I will have to go to Chicago also one day 🙂

    • Thank you Sue! I guess since I don’t get there very often it holds a certain magic for me. Although looking like a tourist is not a good thing! hehe. (as in any city)

  3. OH, Linda, this is tremendous!!! Wonderul post! I really enjoyed it. And as for me following you I am darn it darn it!! You haven’t been in my reader! (sigh) I am not able to keep track of all the blogs I follow unless they are in my reader. I am so sorry about this. *shaking head* I am going to unfollow you, then immediately follow you. Maybe that will get you in my reader! (((HUGS))) Amyf

      • Well, it’s really good to see you again! It’s so easy to loose track of people, especially on my end. Petals has um, exploded, for lack of a better word. [GRIN] Peeps are liking my work. Seriously, I am very humbled and so honored. (((HUGS))) Amy

      • Aw, Linda! Ya getting me flustered. Thank you. I have been called that of late by more then a few people. I guess I will just have to start signing my name as Ray of Sunshine. Tee hee ….. *giggling* Big (((HUGS))) and a BIG welcome back! You’ve been missed!!!! Love, Amy

  4. It looks like such a wonderful place to visit Linda. You describe it so beautifully with your stunning captures and poem. I just love that statue. So beautiful. 😀

    • thank you Sonel! My framer helped me to frame this so that the statue takes up more room than the buildings and she really looks mighty! hehe. Which is the look I was trying to capture. She is really special to me, I’m not sure why I like her so much.

      • What a great and clever framer you have! I think it looks great and just like you I love it as well and don’t know why. 😆

  5. Linda, Chicago looks intriguing in both your words and pictures. The statue is especially lovely with the earthy color and leaf-like dress. When I’ve been in a big city I find the variety of people from all walks of life mesmerizing. I’m a small town girl.

    Blessings ~ Wendy ❀

  6. An ethereal guardian Goddess, gliding graciously, defying gravity, above the city’s gardens, gathered below, in all her glowing goodness.

    Go Magdalene Go!

    Love these captures, Linda!

  7. The emotions of walking among people of all kinds, the ‘pulse’ and energy of the city are all coming alive in this poem! I enjoyed the different extra details you added plus the flowers, statue and fountain in Chicago. You captured the soul of this city marvelously! Smiles, Robin

    • thank you Robin! I love Chicago, but you do have to keep your wits about you and carry things close to your body, something that city people don’t even think about, they know it so well, but I have to develop this!

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