Between my ears




hummer blurred zinniasI am a writer.
A word artist, an expression maker.
My typing keys, always faithful,
press each day to create
what I push out of them.
A moment happens that moves me.
And sears its way into my brain.
I must express it
with my pictures and my words.
I make it real.
It allows me to feel.
It is my lifeforce.
And my destiny.


29 comments on “Between my ears

  1. OH, wow! YOU got a Hummer???? Good for you! I did too but it came out a bit blurry. I need a better lens. Anyway! I love your words and I LOVE the photo!!! Great job, my friend! Love, Amy

    • thank you Amy! Those hummer shots are hit or miss sometimes. And they do require a monopod or tripod, which I hate! too cumbersome. It’s really nice when they sit quietly for you like in this picture!

      • Next time I do my Hummer shots, it will be on a tripod as well. I don’t like a tripod either, Linda, but sometimes the subject matter dictates you have one. I am amazed I even managed to get a shot off that clearly looks like a Hummer hand holding my camera with a slow lens. Tee hee. Mind over matter …. (((HUGS))) Amy

    • thank you sue! And so are you. I just loved the review of the book by the lady that said you remind her of you. What a wonderful compliment. She sounds like a great lady, I will have to pick up her book 1 of these days. When’s your book coming out? I could see it! totally.

      • Oh my goodness what a lovely compliment. I think I more of a short story teller. Not sure I have what it takes to stick with a whole book πŸ™‚

  2. I love that you are connecting with this inner Creative Power that surges through our veins, awaiting our passion, positive beliefs and desires for it to take shape and form. It’s what makes us feel so alive! Becoming what we dream. I can feel your electricity. Ststsststssststs!

  3. Wonderful words, along with the beauty in your photograph. I feel sometimes it is my ‘destiny’ or my ‘calling’ to write. I enjoy reading others, but get behind often. I am so glad you visited on my June post! I liked the use of “life force!” Great job! Smiles, Robin

    • thank you! That’s what it feels to me, truly. Writing is something I can’t live without. And I so enjoy your writing! And I’m glad that you feel called to do it, because we all benefit.

      • This was so nice of you to say that you ‘benefit’ from reading my writing. I feel the same way about yours, it is uplifting and very special! Thanks!

  4. What a cutie and you’ve captured it so beautifully Linda. Absolutely lovely poem as well hon. πŸ˜€ ❀

  5. So well said – writing is definitely a life-force. You know when you are driven to do something! And I love your picture, how beautiful!!! πŸ˜€ Is it a hummingbird?

  6. Linda, what a darling hummingbird you’ve captured. I clicked on the picture to see him enlarged and it seems as if he’s looking right at me. Nicely done. I can relate to your prose of being driven to express oneself with pictures and words.

    Blessings ~ Wendy ❀

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