I feel into your moment

green heron on bridgeDancing shimmery orbs
peaking through the plants
a spotlight on the bridge.
I’m here and then I’m not!
I travel as I please
Pink pastels adorn me.
White light never leaves me
shining through the brush
going through my crown
cascading down my being
swirling through my blood.
You are my perfect creation
Wondrous to my eyes
Pleasing to my senses
I feel into your moment.


18 comments on “I feel into your moment

  1. Ah…I see you’ve surrendered to the call of the mighty Orbs!!! And it makes for a wonderful post. Where did you capture this little fellow? And what kind of bird is he?

    • I believe this is a green heron Maryse. If not a green heron, some other type of heron. And yes, I see orbs everywhere now! It’s wonderful. Even in older shots, as this 1 is, 2 summers ago. I guess I look for them now. Oh and he was taken on a bridge. He was just there briefly!

  2. This is a beautiful poem, Linda. I can really feel your energy becoming lighter and freer in this. Thank you for sharing it. And such a lovely photo too!

  3. You have some beautiful birds where you are, that inspire some equally beautiful poetry Linda! He looks very elegant, and such a wonderful pose! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. This was really sweet, in its depiction of the hide and seek of a bird, then the more serious parts about blood and creation. It has a lot of depth in this, great writing skills here! Lovely photo and so glad someone could identify the bird! Smiles, Robin

  5. What a stunning little bird Linda! You’ve captured it so well in this wonderful moment and poem. Love it! ๐Ÿ˜€

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