Relaxing into you

relaxing into youDSC_1548

Ode to joyous words.
Love to all those without joy
Poems reaching you
Music flowing from your fingertips
Reaching ears and hearts
Lungs in unison
Singing, filling with air, singing
Relaxing into You


21 comments on “Relaxing into you

  1. How lovely, Linda. For me it speaks of joy holding both the happy and the sad. Music and beauty soothing the broken heart. And nature, of course. And your amazing pictures. ♥

  2. There’s something special happening here with your words. It’s as if you are relaxing and merging into You more and more. And as you do, the natural beauties of the world unfold effortlessly like a sprouting bud. You are a seed harmoniously unfolding beautifully. Oh look, there’s a leaf by you ear and a fig for your nose and a thousand lilies for your hair….

  3. This is really lovely and reminds me of the lovely day I had with my friend a few days ago. The summer has finally arrived in the UK, and sitting in her garden having lunch listening to all the birds singing and the bees on the flowers humming, it was truly natures choir! Your poem would have been perfect to have read out loud in that moment!! 😀

    I don’t hear nature singing so much in the city, it is there, but you have to concentrate a lot harder to catch the sound. 🙂

  4. The hummingbird was so sweet with such lovely details of the flower, too! I think the words you wrote remind me of families who gather and sing together. I always wished my family were singers. We sing along to records but our voices don’t ‘stand alone’ well! Smiles, Robin

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