A fear of fully being expressed

In the fiercest longest howlportholeDSC_0246
Lies a fear of fully being
Trust in me
I’m lemony real
A tartness in your mouth
A pucker in your lips
No way not to feel
A new idea is birthed
Seeping its way into the world
As a dense fog
Waiting for the warmest sunshine
To unearth its wonder
A fleeting runaway thoughtin the muted forestDSC_6086
Sailing in the distance
Catch me if you can!
A shimmery orb
Riding with the waves
A light that seems so frail
And yet pervades my all


23 comments on “A fear of fully being expressed

  1. Linda, this is a lovely tribute to the ‘birth of new ideas’. I suspect that you keep pens and paper in strategic places so you can catch them when they show up. They do tend to be like shy birds and fly off quickly. My favorites are the ones that are bold and persistent like a Steller’s Jay.

    Blessings ~ Wendy ❀

    • thank you Wendy! You’re right about the pens and paper. I’m an old fashioned girl. got stacks of written ‘notes’ all over. And I’m starting a new project, so I’m hoping your stellar jay shows up to lead the way! blessings right back at ya!

  2. I love the idea of fears and not knowing if we should share our true selves. Howling and whispering, these contrasts lead to our being honest. The lemon part made me think of how when I am with someone, I am afraid to be ‘tart’ or quick to say something at the tip of my tongue. This was a lovely poem!

    • thank you Robin! I like the lemon analogy. I hadn’t thought of that. I have been known to say what’s on the tip of my tongue! Not always with such good results. But the older I get I realize it’s not good to be quiet about your heart’s desires. I don’t think anyone ever died of being too honest.

  3. Inspirations and ideas have wings of their own, like pied butterflies fluttering along. Will we trust their angelic music to bring us to magical places we’ve never been before…..

  4. I love the way you express yourself Linda and doing it so well though your words and photography. Excellent hon! 😀 ♥ Big Hugs ♥

  5. Where in the world is my head at? I clicked like so you are in my reader. Sorry, Linda. I love your way of expressing new ideas. Hmmmm…… “a pucker in your lips” is hmmmm…… YES! I get it. I had to sit and really think! Yes. How cool!!! Awesome images!! And OH I Love this poem!!! (((HUGS))) from absentminded me Tee Hee ..

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