An energy of love

b oriole dandelionsDSC_0001Dare I dip my toe into the water?
To feel the bubbling springs of life
The joys the love the overcoming sadness.
In the corner of my eye
I see a glow
A shimmering light.
She is no more
Upon this earthly plane.
But I can feel her heart
Beating without strain
Smiling and happy
An energy of love
Filled with kindness
Strength and Wisdom.
In life she was so frail.
In death, I feel her presence
In a tender gentle breeze
Through a fluttering bird’s wing
Or a loved one’s warm embrace.
She’s never far away.
I feel her every day.

37 comments on “An energy of love

  1. So beautiful. Linda, everything you write makes me feel so good. You are such a talented woman. I value your friendship. Hope to see you at church.

  2. Linda, my first thought was you are writing about someone passing away and then I see it is your Mother. Oh, HONEY!!! I am truly SO sorry!!!! I embrace you in my arms to hold you, so very tenderly, and LOVE you through the distance as best I can. Your Mom is in a better place, Linda. I know. I had a NDE. I did NOT want to come back here! (((HUGS))) Amy

  3. Oh, Linda! This is so beautiful! ❤ After my grandmother died I almost felt her closer to me than when she was in her human body. I know that sounds strange, but now when she is in her spirit body she can come to me whenever I need her, and she could not do that when she was in her human body. I know that of course we are also attached to our loved ones on a physical level, I mean, when we think of them, we think of their appearance and their touch. I think if we can just start thinking about their energy, their essence, their love for us, without attaching those things to their human body, then I think you can still very much feel your mother there with you, perhaps even closer than before, cause now it is so easy for her to touch your soul. Lots and lots of Love to you dearest Linda! ❤ ❤ ❤

    • Thank you Line. What you said is very comforting. I see you changed your name! I guess to me you will always be Line! Hope to be around blogland more, it’s been a rough month, but writing helps.

      • I am Line as well, so just call me that. It is more for the new followers and bloggers I have decided to use my family pet name 🙂 I can imagine how rough it must have been, take your time, care for and nurture yourself, let out your emotions, don’t hold anything back!! and most importantly: seek comfort!!! always!

  4. Such a beautiful poem Linda, so well written and absolutely comes across as something very real to you.♥ And I know that feeling well! Beginnings and endings are so much part of life, but the endings are not so enjoyable. I’ve had a lot endings to deal with over recent years, and I still wish to find a better way to face it, embrace it not fear it, but it’s not easy. I hope as I have, you find all those amazing things your mother has left you with, and discover so much more about yourself too. The feeling of absence diminishes in time, and this awareness you describe here I really hope will get stronger. She will always be part of you. Love and and *virtual hugs* to you Linda, and here’s wishing for better days coming your way! xx

  5. ‘Not where I breathe, but where I love I live’

    Surely, your mom is always with you, Linda. Spirit travels by Love…..

    Feel her and she’ll be there with you instantly.

  6. I’m so sorry Linda. As I read this, the first thing I ever read of yours, I just knew it was someone very important to you. I understand that your Mom is in a better place but I also know that it has left an empty space in your world. I wish for you to always feel her love…a mother’s love is like no other…and she lives in your heart. Much love and peace I wish for you…<3

  7. Linda, gentle hugs sent your way. Your poem is beautiful and poignant. What a gift that you were and are close to your mom. I’m sorry that your time with your her was cut short (physically) on this side of Heaven. Be gentle with yourself as you grieve.

    Healing blessings ~ Wendy ❀

  8. There is depth in these words, some sadness and yet, promises that the person will live on always in your heart and so sorry for this loss. Was this your mother? I was gathering from your friends’ comments. I believe you will feel her presence every day. That was lovely and sweet. Oh, so sorry and hugs to you!

    • thank you Robin for your kind words. yes this was my mother. Lots of stuff happened after she died and I haven’t been able to find my muse for a while. Thanks for your kind support. It means so much.

  9. It is hard to find one’s muse, when normal life and activities are surrounding us and keeping us busy. Let alone losing someone special last September. I found this to be a loving tribute to your closeness. Hope you have had some special memories and little nudges from her Presence and comfort, too.

    • Thank you Robin so much. You know I did see a cardinal the day after she died and it kept looking at me and kept hopping closer. This is not typical cardinal behavoir! I really do feel that in some way her spirit was showing me that she’s ok now. She was very sick, we didn’t want her to go on like that, but it’s still tough to say good bye. The cardinal makes me think that she is with me everywhere now.

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