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In this moment of peace and tranquility
All is forgiven

I stand as if far away
Removed from the fray
Watching, but not harmed.

I smile at everyone’s rushed and worried walk
Thoughts tumbling and spilling over
Onto the sidewalk
Into the air we all breathe.

I am connected, and yet aloof
Alone and yet together.

Sending love through my fingertips
Radiating peace and understanding
Vibrating warmth and forgiveness.
So loved and cherished.

Oh Lamb of God
Hear my impassioned plea.
To be love.
To hold on to peace.
With gentleness
And reverence


21 comments on “Always

  1. Oh, yaaaayy!! 🙂 A new post from you lovely Linda!! 🙂 and such a beautiful post!! 🙂 Your poem is amazing!! 🙂 I love it so much! ::-) ❤

  2. An awakened mind is so refreshing for the soul. It’s a beautiful place to be. And this is a beautiful poem that encompasses just that.

  3. I just love your poetry. I went to a writing conference and a presenter was a poet. She talked about the ways to improve your poetry. I have never written poetry and if I did I would look to you for help. You’re wonderful.

  4. I love the: I am connected, and yet aloof – Alone and yet together. We are so connected in many ways and yet unconnected, or perhaps we just feel we are. I sometimes get a feeling like this when I’m walking down a busy street, I feel a strange connection to faces and what people are saying as we pass. A kind of heightened sense of awareness. It’s good that happens sometimes, but it could be a little overwhelming if we could tune in like that all of the time! 🙂

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