Dancing Sunbeam

stained glass reflectionsDSC_0002

My thoughts float
on the breeze of wonder
As a sunbeam flashes
through stained glass.
Dancing rainbows of color
Along the marble columns,
the grate,
the window sill.

The sun flickers
and sputters out
Until the last gleam
lights the sky.
Gentle pastel colors
Fading out of view.
Keeping my heart warm
With the magic
of a sunlit day.


30 comments on “Dancing Sunbeam

  1. The sky picture is one Tanya should see. πŸ™‚ Magic is everywhere and your pictures and words bring it home. Thank you, Linda. β™₯

  2. Your sky picture is powerful, Linda!!! I stared at for long moments just wowing. Great capture!!! And your words brought Stillness to my Heart. Thank you. Love, Amy

  3. Such a beautiful and peaceful poem. Like pied-butterfly wings, kaleidoscope fashion, coloring our view, guiding us to the light of Love.

  4. Linda, I enjoyed your lovely comparison. The sun always adds magic to our days. I’m missing it right now during our rainstorm; but I know it will return.

    Blessings ~ Wendy❀

    • Thank you Wendy. We’ve had so much rain lately! I’m enjoying these days of sun. I know that our daylight hours will soon be zapped by daylight savings time, so making the most of every minute!

  5. Ah, beautiful, such warm poetry and reflective thoughts for autumn Linda! πŸ™‚ I love stained glass windows they are so pretty, I wish I had one in my home. And sunshine and all the clever ways it lights the world up is always of interest to me, in art, photography, and writing. I love the way a beam of sunlight in a moment can just light up one thing or some flowers, like a stage set. This world, even if it wasn’t freezing without the sun really would be dull place without it! πŸ™‚

    We seem to have a lot of sunlight in Britain at the moment, it’s November and the sun is still shining and it’s not cold either – strange, never known weather like it!

    • Thank you Suzy. You know after I wrote this we had a very cold day with snow, high winds, water from Lake Michigan spilling onto the expressway. Winter came with a vengeance! So I’m so glad for this day that I described. Just the way it was. it seems like a fond memory now!

    • Thank you Sue. And one of my friends saw a lady’s side profile in it! She always sees things in the clouds, and I’m always grateful for what she points out, that I might have missed otherwise.

  6. This was such a warm and sunny post, I had to go back and visit it. I had not written about it, but had pushed like. I am happy when the sun goes up and warms us, then how you expressed how the sun goes down, turning the world into pastels, leaving us warm with memories of a sunlit day. You are wonderful in how you express these, I write too many words to describe how you so perfectly wrote this!

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