Sweet flurry

snowy nuthatchDSC_8519

The birds are feeding.
And gaining more fuel
To get through their day.
As they take off in flight
And they hop
And they eat
Their communion is sweet!

A flurry of feathers
On a cruelly cold day
Can warm any heart
bjay facing leftDSC_3801And create a new start.

Life is fast
And precious
And real.
Savor this moment
And just how you feel


35 comments on “Sweet flurry

  1. Such warmth in your love shown for the birds. I am a big fan of birds, we have ‘talked’ about my affinity with nature before. So sorry I fell behind in my reading your posts!

  2. Ah, these birds of heaven. If they can feed and fly in the cold, what more could we do by living in the moment? Glad to see you back here and feeling inspired, Linda! Lovely photos.

  3. “Life is fast
    And precious
    And real.
    Savor this moment
    And just how you feel”

    I am really in love with your beautiful and inspirational words and great shots.
    You are beyond fantastically talented.
    All the best, ❀

      • Dear Linda, your complimentary words are greatly appreciated. Thank you!
        I am so happy to have journeyed into your lovely blog, too. Your work is so great really. I am looking forward to reading & watching more!
        You know, I love birds, especially these small species you have captured. Your shots are so wonderful!
        Cheers, ❀

  4. Wonderful bird moment Linda, and your nature photography is always so enjoyable! πŸ™‚ I had a feeling a few months ago we were going to have a very mild winter in the UK this year. I have no idea why I thought that, but that is exactly what we are experiencing – such mild weather the birds are singing in trees as if it’s spring already. I hope they are finding more food than they usually would, there seems to be trees and flowers trying to bloom too, and more insects than there would be in winter. And life is too fast and way too short. Please, life – slow down a little!! πŸ˜‰

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