just 2DSC_0638 pm

In the tangle of the trees
On the needles from the pines
We softly tread.
The wind whistling,
The branches swaying.
A message seeped into our hearts.
‘I envelop you with love
And ease
My breath fills you
With wonder.’
I humbly felt
We were as one
With the swaying trees,
The hiding owls
The staring eyes
The softly needled carpet.
I felt complete.


12 comments on “Complete

  1. That sounds like the most beautiful moment – perfect love, in all ways! 🙂 And I love the thought of being one with the swaying trees! I remember feeling like that when I was a child outdoors with nature. Also felt it recently, there’s a cemetery near where I live, it has an enormous amount of old trees in the old Victorian part. On a windy day it’s such a stunning sound. You not only hear the trees you ‘feel’ the trees. Moments like that are very special.

    Are they owls in your picture – baby owls? They look so cute, fluffy and cuddly together in that tree! 🙂

  2. This sounds romantic. I love the sweet, soft fluffy owls, Linda. I think the words sound like someone laid down under pine trees and this would be special, just to look up and see the birds in the trees, the swaying branches and smell the pine needles, too.

  3. There’s no better feeling than that wonderful inner place of stillness where there’s no judgment or separation. These two fluffies look like they have their helmets on, and seem to blend with the bark of the tree, in unison with it. And their penetrating gaze resembles that inner witness within us all, absorbing it all, lovingly…

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