The morning mist

I get my love from the morning mist
It creeps in slowly
Covering everything

I stand with mouth open
Eyes wide with wonder
Ears filled with birdsong
As drops of pure creation
Love and inspiration
Bless my aching heart.

They fill up my soul
Heal my yearning wishes
And unfulfilled promises.

I sit in exultant wonder
And pure delight.
Receiving every God drop
Each and every bead of grace
Into my furrowed brow
Dripping into my longing heart.

Suffused and entranced
I sit by myself
Knowing I am not alone
As spirit and mystery
Surround me
Enfold me
Bless me
And heal all that is wounded
All that is hurt

This primal force comes into me
Thru the raindrops
The air
The cobwebs
The misty morning.

And as the mist lifts
It slowly reveals our world
Covered in blessing
And meaning
And Love.


15 comments on “The morning mist

  1. Amazing that you find your way back here at exactly the same time I consider writing a new blog post!! Glorious picture and poem. Soothing and setting a soft tone for my day. Thank you!! Sending lots of love.

  2. Donna, thank you for your beautiful comment. For some reason I can’t seem to make it appear. But I did want to acknowledge it and to say thank you for your beautiful words and God bless you.

  3. Really beautiful Linda! ♥ And wonderful pictures too! It’s often the small things in life, which we can spend our lives not noticing much, that brings healing to us. I love early mornings, I rarely see them though, as I’m not at my best that early, but if I do, it’s always very special. I love living in a city, I bizarrely enjoy the sound of traffic and peoples voices, and the business of it all, and yet that early in the morning, my busy road is like a country lane. I hear the birds as if for the first time, before the hustle bustle takes over. It’s really very magical. 🙂

    • thank you so much Suzy! And it’s interesting to know that you can hear and feel the same thing in the city. I know what you mean about enjoying traffic sounds and people’s voices, means you never are alone. Thank you for your visit dear friend! i am way behind in blogland, hope to visit you soon too. (I’m going to school now).

      • You’re welcome Linda… always enjoyable to read your inspiring poetry and lovely pictures! Not to worry… I haven’t posted anything on my blog since last July. Will be creating some new posts soon. I’m all behind too! Sometimes you have to have more of real life, than blog life… it’s the right order of things! 🙂

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