Pure Essence

piggybackWhen I was just a babe
I felt my egg shaped world
Bumping up against my brother
Warm and blessed
Filled With Pure Essence
Whole and Vibrant
Waiting to emerge
And make my way
Into this strange new world.

May I never forget my roots
Of wholeness
And love
That I take with me everyday
Into the fire.

Bless my every moment
Of sure footed fancy
And careening wonder
Oh new and wondrous creation.


8 comments on “Pure Essence

  1. The last stanza sings inside me like a hymn, Linda. It’s got lovely energy. A wise soul wrote once (i cannot remember who it was) that we are to remember in the darkness what we know to be true in the light. Your poem takes that wisdom and turns it around, which I love. Let’s remember in the light, and yes the fire, what we know to be true in the darkness, that place that fills us with wisdom and courage (and where we also can return, if we let it, to innocence).

    • what a beautiful comment Maryse. I am so blessed to know you! You know I was playing a hymn right before writing this. I needed a blessing today. And I had to plug in to my roots. Thank you so much for your beauty.

  2. The thought of an egg shaped world…that’s wonderful Linda!! New life, new energy, the new world is unlimited. And such a lovely picture too. 🙂 Did you get right in that water to get the picture, or just a long lens?

    • thank you Suzy! no, i didn’t get in the water, just have a long lens. But I remember this day so well, i followed those little chicks all around, and they were so innocent and sweet and curious, it was a beautiful day.

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