Hold on To Your Goodness

swallow lower leftDSC_0124 pmLord, bless my gentleness
My kindness and empathy
My naivete.
Keep it all safe as I go out into the world.
Help me to use it to heal
To uplift
To encourage
To dry tears, hold hands.

Help me to act on my impulses to aid people.
To just love them unconditionally.
Give me the wisdom to know what’s mine to do,
and what is not.
Show me all the times I’ve made a difference
So I can hold on to my goodness.
And show me when I could have held back,
so I could let others do what is theirs to do.

And for any mistakes I might have made
Help me to forgive myself.
And forgive others unkindness towards me.

In the end it all doesn’t matter really, does it?
What lives on is my heart and soul
the sweetness of my smile,
the tender curve of my arm around another.

May I be all I can be. Always. And forever.

sea of sunflowersDSC_1830

15 comments on “Hold on To Your Goodness

  1. Absolutely beautiful prayer Linda… it’s all we could ever want! And wonderful photography too… I’ve never seen a field of sunflowers in real life… they look gorgeous! And the bird…such a cute little thing… brilliant capture!! 🙂

    • thank you so much Suzy! This was a prayer I held on to in private, and then suddenly decided to share it. Glad it resonated with you and others. I’m just trying to navigate some difficult times (like I’m sure we all are).

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