Little Angel

little angelDSC_2252

In this space of anything is possible
Help my heart to just love
Without conditions
Or paybacks in mind
Just kindly give when I’m moved
Just be a blessing in a moment.

An angel that swoops in
And brushes your cheek with her kiss
And strokes your hair with her light.

A smile and change
To the homeless person
No judgments or worries
Where the money’s being spent

Help changing a flat tire
In the middle of the expressway,

Giving that new person
A ride to work.

Whatever the moment brings
Help me to be up for it.
Filled with love
And infinite blessings
From on high.


4 comments on “Little Angel

  1. What a beautiful prayer, Linda. Choosing love and kindness as much as possible. And then we don’t, to extend that love and kindness to ourselves. We’re only human but with this awareness we know we shall return to the love that we are. So cool!

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