Hold Me

fall butterflyDSC_2943

I can find you
In the sweet leap of a cobweb
Connecting one flower to the next

I can feel you
in the bitten wing of a butterfly
Fluttering his last flight,
While catching a fall nectar
And holding on to every breath.

And I can see you sparkle around
And through this whole moment
Holding me in the palm of your hand
And breathing me slowly.

9 comments on “Hold Me

    • oh that’s so beautiful Maryse. If that’s what I inspired, I feel wonderful. The words just kind of came out of me, as sometimes happens. Where I don’t know where I’m going, until I start writing! I’m sure you know what I mean. Thank you so much!

  1. Breathless!! Your words are exactly how I feel with Mother yet have never expressed those feelings as you have. I’m really moved!! I GET IT, Linda! 💞

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