A Shimmer

hummer shimmerDSC_0054

There was a shimmer to my left
A dancing white light
I wondered if I really saw it
Out of the corner of my eye.
But I could feel its energy
As it washed over me
And cleansed me of all doubts
Like a salve, a magic tonic,
A healing touch without a hand
Just a feeling that came over me.
A healing of my thoughts.
A reminder of the love inside my heart
To let it out and be a blessing
The blessing that I always am
But got so far away from.

13 comments on “A Shimmer

  1. Your words really touched me yet that photograph blew me away! HOW did you capture a hummingbird in flight? OMG! I’ve just begun attempting to capture these mighty little birds and I KNOW the difficulty in doing so. I am so impressed by what you did, Linda!! I’m just so glad you are back on WP so that you can inspire me to again try next year to do what you did here. WOW!! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

    • Thank you so much Amy. I know where the hummingbirds hang out, and I’m just patient. I used to have a longer lens, but now just use 300mm. it’s good enough to capture closer shots once fall comes, and the hummingbirds are stocking up for their long flight. They’re more approachable and get closer to you then. They buzzed my head a couple of times this past summer/fall! it was really sweet, felt like a divine visitation.

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