Change of heart

A sound bitten moment
Went by unnoticed
There were no hashtags
No pictures, no press.

But a heart was changed.

You could hear the whisper
As her soul released
An angry hurting burden.
And in that void
A heart was free to feel
To cry, to laugh
To love, to be.

spring buds and orblightDSC_0094

Safely cradled by her angel
She beamed love and meaning
Through her bloodstream
Hope and tenderness
caressed her.
Grace and strength
Shone from her eyes.

st bernadetteDSC_0139

Now she could be in the world
Fulfilling her true nature.

lone trilliumDSC_0109

Tribute to Helen

Sun kissed dewdrops

dewy hibiscusDSC_4160

Dancing on the petals
Glistening in the morning warmth
Evaporating into air
As the day gets long
And the heat is set.
Fading and disappearing
From our view.
Like a life that once was solid
And now is floating all around,
In, and through us.