On Hold

Well I just got waitlistedsun behind clouds
from an art fair that I
felt sure I would get into
again. I’ve done it 3 years
now. But this year, I am
on the waiting list. It’s
the first bad news of the
new year! So, of course,
it doesn’t feel good.

As I sit here and process it, I am reminded that  some of the best stuff gets written or created when someone’s feelings are raw and upended. When we are honest. Clever words are not needed.  And when an artist creates something that speaks of their soul, it is a part of the universe.

There is always a home for our expression. And it will reach the hearts that are meant to find it.  Nothing is ever really wasted if it comes from our truth.

And something newdewy hibiscusDSC_4160 is always being born.


holy hill church

I had a most amazing experience at my art fair in Holy Hill, Wisconsin. It was on the grounds of a beautiful church atop a 1350 foot tall hill, with a panoramic view of Wisconsin. It is the home of the Discalced Carmelite Friars. (discalced means barefoot). This was my first overnite stay before an art fair. I had never traveled that far before. Continue reading

A different kind of beauty


People have such adverse reactions to dandelions.  My neighbor goes into conniptions if we don’t get rid of our dandelions and they “infect” her yard. Imagine my surprise when someone at my art fair asked me if I had a picture of one! I don’t. Not with me. I had to hunt it down going through many Mays to find the right picture. And as I looked, I appreciated the beauty of these weeds. Their sunny bright carpeting of the wooded floor interspersed with tiny white and purple violets is really so special. It’s  nice to go to a park where no one gets rid of them. They’re not a curse. They’re allowed to be.  And the way they hold on to life and proliferate is really a metaphor and an example for us all. And frankly, even though my neighbor has such a violent reaction to them, they just make me smile!

I couldn’t be more sure

bright gem tulips

I had a most amazing day. Where everything about my life suddenly became clear. Not just because my car made it to the art show, not because I made a little money. Those are good things to be sure.   But suddenly I feel connected and an integral part of this world. And I feel good about myself and who I am.  And I realize what I can do to make this world a better place. Continue reading

Not Feeling It

psbig flower little hummer copy

Not feeling it today. Trying to put on a happy face. Friday my car had a hiccup! All of a sudden the horn wouldn’t stop blowing. And I needed to go to the bank and get some money! So I went, parked it, acted like that wasn’t my car, got my money. Then I went to Pep Boys. I figured they would have to help me, otherwise my beeping car would annoy all the customers away! Continue reading

A Kind Gust

blowing willowcardinal in cherry tree1

I am so grateful for small miracles. Yesterday, at my art fair, the wind gusts were really strong. My card rack fell over into the jewelry booth next to me. Thank goodness it did not fall on anyone or into the jewelry. Just fell on the grass.  And total strangers in the jewelry booth  helped me pick up the cards. I didn’t lose too many. Spring art fairs are risky due to unpredictable weather. But the kindness of strangers is always so powerful. And so unpredictable as well.

Energy Shift

snowy squirrelsnowy squirrel1

Trouble cannot prevail against the awesome power of Love.

Have you ever been in a situation where you could feel the energy shift?  I experienced this at an art fair I attended last spring.

Attendance was poor. And the hours of the fair were so long, by the end of the first day all the artists were just staring at each other! There was frustration and unhappiness all around. As if to pick up on all this bad energy, the fire alarm went off towards the end of the day! Continue reading

Tough Weather

fresh air

I was so happy when I was accepted into a really big fine arts fair close to my house. This fair was known for drawing big crowds, and, of course, the hope is, I could make big sales. Little did I know that this would be a defining moment in understanding that you can never pin your hopes on something as a sure thing. So many factors can intervene to change that. The weather, the economy, the people that are drawn to your art, are just a few of those things. And when you are just starting out, you don’t always know where your audience is, those people who really like your work. So you do go through trial and error in discovering those fairs that are magical, where people go in and out of your booth, flip through every picture, and pore over your work, really appreciating it.

Continue reading


i look good around pink


It was the beginning of an art show, where you check out your space and wonder how it’s going to help you or hurt you. At first glance, I thought, OH NO! It was not level ground. So immediately I knew the tent had to be farther back than the people on either side of me. The browse bins and card rack would have to be on the top of the little “hill” to attract customers into the booth. You have to make these decisions quickly when you have 2 hours to setup. Ok, this will work. It will have to.

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