Why I do what I do

gf baby mom facing me gf baby mom back to mebaby goldfinch

There can be no greater joy than to be outside and to witness the tenderest of scenes, a mama goldfinch teaching her little baby to fly. At the end, we were all cheering for the little guy! He spread his wings and he flew a little bit.  He looked so fragile and yet so brave. It was a small miracle that day. And there were many more taking place around him, I am sure. I just felt so blessed to be a part of this one.

An Angel on Skis

ski angel story

Have you ever had an experience that was so sublime, and ended so well, that you felt like you were in a dream? When you look back on it and think with your logical mind, you realize you were really in trouble, and something, or someone saved you from disaster. Continue reading

itty bitty miracle

    Two years ago, I picked up a book called Homer’s Odyssey. It is a true story about a vet who was given a “sick” kitten, after his owners said they could not handle him. She found out that the only thing wrong with him was that he had a terrible eye infection and his eyes would have to be removed. Continue reading

I am!

bfly bush pieces1

Whenever I feel down, or not able, sad, or in lack, I look at this picture of a juvenile male hummingbird that busted through a butterfly bush. It makes me  feel brighter, inspired and more hopeful. This little one had so much verve and spunk, he didn’t let a big butterfly bush stop him, he just flew through it, leaving pieces scattered all around him in the air! A triumph, a moment of sheer exertion of will, survival and exuberance.   Not a great picture due to lighting and the speed of the bird. But to me, it just says : I AM! period.

Prayers and Ugly Feet

coot swimmingcoot stepping

April is the month for migrating ducks and May is the month for migrating warblers. A lot of the ducks are quite ugly to be honest! And they fly away at even your tiniest most quiet footstep, when you’re behind trees and far across the water from them. When something tries to evade you so hard, it makes you try anything to just get a picture of it. Continue reading