The Snowy Owl

DSC_3476snowy owl

Winter came with a vengeance.
Threatening the homeless
with subzero drops.
Killing fuel lines,
parking cars on snow drifted streets.
Colder and colder
and more bitter it became.
Slowing the progress,
hushing the busy.
And then in all this arctic freeze
I saw a soul through yellow eyes
A heart, beating in this cold
Sheltered by the pier
Gliding on the wind
and nestling in the drifts.

DSC_3600wire looking at me cropped1DSC_3617male & fem


Amagdalene white windows copy leaf filled apparition

Rising out of flowers and dirt

In defiance of all around her

Waves her powerful arms

In the wind.

Staring beyond the traffic signals

back of magdaleneAnd moving cars

Touched by the spray from Buckingham fountain

As the air wings droplets onto her weatherworn body

She stares beyond the mundane travelers before her

Embraced by leaves and flowers

Worn by the city’s carbon monoxide

Impervious to its constant traffic

A tribute to the sky and air

A rememberance of the dirt

magdalene before columnsFrom which we came.