I will never leave you

setting sunDSC_4062

A poem struggling to be formed

A lump is catching in my throat
My heart is crying to be heard.

Your spirit never stops to muse
Where Love comes from.
A never ending flow
Is dripping down in snowflakes
Gently singing through the air
Landing on your tongue
Seeping in your heart.
I come through colorful sunsets
As a glowing ball of light
Burning orange and yellow
Dreamy blue and gray
A fiery orb, sinking in the west
Burying all the unhealed thoughts
Kissing every tear.
Blessing your unfilled heart.
An acceptance so Divine
And a Love without condition.
Your healing is inside.
And I will never leave you.

Winter blues

rainy iris In the frigid throes of winter

I hear the whistle from my tea.

I dream of warmth and spring.

The colors are vibrating

after a warm spring rain.

Sun piercing through trees

burning off raindrops

soaking into my veins

and drying my tears.