Dancing Sunbeam

stained glass reflectionsDSC_0002

My thoughts float
on the breeze of wonder
As a sunbeam flashes
through stained glass.
Dancing rainbows of color
Along the marble columns,
the grate,
the window sill.

The sun flickers
and sputters out
Until the last gleam
lights the sky.
Gentle pastel colors
Fading out of view.
Keeping my heart warm
With the magic
of a sunlit day.


holy hill church

I had a most amazing experience at my art fair in Holy Hill, Wisconsin. It was on the grounds of a beautiful church atop a 1350 foot tall hill, with a panoramic view of Wisconsin. It is the home of the Discalced Carmelite Friars. (discalced means barefoot). This was my first overnite stay before an art fair. I had never traveled that far before. Continue reading