Scritch Scratch Squoosh Screeeeam!

I’m sitting at meditationred water lily
And trying to relax
And let my thoughts
And get into those alpha waves
I’m feeling calm
And filled with gratitude
A warmth around my head
A tingling in my feet.

Scritch scraaaaaaaatch, squoooooosh scream!
Scriiiiiiiiiitch scratch, squoosh screeeeeeeam!

I don’t know what that noise is
It really jars my senses
Is it the person next to me?grackle in spring2
No, he is in a coma!

The noise would not continue
In a consistent way
It came and went
Just as it pleased.
It seemed to know when I was calm.
And would disrupt me yet again!

Scriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitch scratch, squooooooooooooooosh screeeeeeeeam!
Scritch Scraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatch squoosh scream!

I closed my eyes and tried so hard
To get back to my center
But nothing that I did would help
As I was getting Bent er!

I finally shrugged my head
And thought
This time is just a waste!
I cannot get back to the mood
That seemed so promising.

When closing words were saidwindblown
“we come back to this room”
I never left!
“we wiggle our feet and our toes”
someone in the back row has been doing that all night!
“we know this time has been beneficial…”
for you maybe!
“as we enter the world again
we feel refreshed…”
Glad somebody does!

Ok. Now I really need to meditate!