Was that really real?

Gliding swiftly by
I almost missed him
Just a speck in my eye
A soundless passerby.

A loon is on the lake
He’s playing hide and seek
Dipping far below the surface
He swims a thousand meter lap.

He keeps you guessing
Where will you see him next?

Like a momentary dream
A flitting fleeting thought
Shimmer glimmer into view.

What is that I saw?
Was that really real?
And when will it come back?

Blue Brilliance


I went to look for the bluebirds

Little snatches of blue joy

Flitting over the landscape

Sparkling through fall yellows and oranges

Gathering on the tops of leafless trees

Watching us curiously.

But they are gone.

Wisely leaving the cold behind.

Letting the sun warm their blue brilliance

Very south of here.