listening for the wormnot convinced


I have often wondered, is the robin listening for the worm? Or does he feel the movement under his feet? Either way, it’s pretty amazing! Isn’t it? His hearing and other senses are obviously heightened and magnified. I can imagine that he probably would die if too close to a rock concert, because his sensitivities would be pushed up and over his limit to the point of madness.

And this made me think of hearing in general. It’s such a gift, to be sure. But I think we all have selective hearing. When we’re sharing space with strangers, we tune them out,  heads hunched over our phones, I-pods in our ears. These little tiny portable items, that hold music, phone numbers, addresses, texting conversations, google. Basically, they help us to tune out the world daily.

Whenever I observe animals, I am always amazed at how aware they are of everything around them, at all times.  And how in tune they are with their environment. They know where the worms are! The bears know where to fish.  The raptors have such exquisite vision that they can see vole urine in the snow!

And whenever I’m taking a picture of an animal, it looks right at me. Tolerating me. Letting me into its world. As long as I keep my distance. And we both have to agree on how far away that can be.

Would that we could all be so in tune with our environment, our emotions, our inner guidance, our hearts. We could. If we would just get quiet. And listen.

robin in blue flowerbed