Beauty pops out
Sometimes sparsely
In the beginning of spring,
Barely hanging on to a bleak landscape

But as spring takes hold,
It sprinkles the old brown leaves,
The dirt and gray twigs
With bold colors and designs.

Blessing all the eyes that see
Caressing the nose that smells such beauty
A beacon and a herald to the explosion of spring
The catharsis in each of us
That’s meant to be seen, heard, felt,
and blessed
By our understanding.

Unfinished Spots

ctree winter sunDSC_0027 pmSpring is in my heart
I can feel it in my bones.
The winter sun burns a hole in me
I can feel the unfinished spots
Begin to melt
and run like icy water
Down my back
Out of my shoes
Back in the earth
Christening the birth
Of a new spring bud.
We are all footprints
Of each other
Born of the winter sun
& shaped by the mud.

Winter blues

rainy iris In the frigid throes of winter

I hear the whistle from my tea.

I dream of warmth and spring.

The colors are vibrating

after a warm spring rain.

Sun piercing through trees

burning off raindrops

soaking into my veins

and drying my tears.

A Kind Gust

blowing willowcardinal in cherry tree1

I am so grateful for small miracles. Yesterday, at my art fair, the wind gusts were really strong. My card rack fell over into the jewelry booth next to me. Thank goodness it did not fall on anyone or into the jewelry. Just fell on the grass.  And total strangers in the jewelry booth  helped me pick up the cards. I didn’t lose too many. Spring art fairs are risky due to unpredictable weather. But the kindness of strangers is always so powerful. And so unpredictable as well.

Prayers and Ugly Feet

coot swimmingcoot stepping

April is the month for migrating ducks and May is the month for migrating warblers. A lot of the ducks are quite ugly to be honest! And they fly away at even your tiniest most quiet footstep, when you’re behind trees and far across the water from them. When something tries to evade you so hard, it makes you try anything to just get a picture of it. Continue reading