Beauty pops out
Sometimes sparsely
In the beginning of spring,
Barely hanging on to a bleak landscape

But as spring takes hold,
It sprinkles the old brown leaves,
The dirt and gray twigs
With bold colors and designs.

Blessing all the eyes that see
Caressing the nose that smells such beauty
A beacon and a herald to the explosion of spring
The catharsis in each of us
That’s meant to be seen, heard, felt,
and blessed
By our understanding.

Contingency Plans

mag warbler in forsythia

I have my first outdoor art show coming up this Saturday, so I’m preparing for it, and there’s a bit of fear, concerning the weather! Will it rain? Will all my pictures get wet? That’s happened before. And some of them have to be reframed if I’m lucky. Sometimes they’re ruined for good. I don’t have the best tent. Continue reading